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Play free pokies for fun

Online casinos embrace hundreds of pokies and table games, attracting a wide audience of casino fans who want to spin the virtual reels of online pokies and entertain themselves without leaving home. A carousel of pokies from different providers allows nobody to stay indifferent, and new releases are added every week or so, thus extending the existing offers of online casinos. Every players can benefit from pokies, especially when playing progressive games with an astronomic prize pool. An excellent option embedded into virtually every pokie is a free play. This means that players are allowed to bet “fun credits” and spin the reels of their desired pokies without any risk to lose money. Free pokies are what they mean – they are absolutely free of charge.

Why to play free slots?

You would wonder why someone would want to spend his time playing free slots if they bring no wins. The reasons for that are not hard to plumb:

  1. New players who are just beginning their journey towards big wins often feel uncomfortable with betting real money because they are not yet confident of having pokies at their fingertips. So they would prefer to practice for some time in order to better understand how to play pokies, get to know special symbols, read paytables and master their gaming skills up to an appropriate level. As soon as novices become familiar with the general idea behind pokies, they normally proceed to real-money betting. If you are a newcomer to online gambling, do not miss the opportunity to play free pokies without risking your bankroll.
  2. Professional gamblers with many months and years of experience also play free online slots but for reasons other than these explained in the previous paragraph. Software companies turn out new pokies on a regular basis so the players who check for updates in the pokies portfolio of whatever online casino often see new games. Upon finding a new unknown title, seasoned gamblers are likely to play it for free first to test the waters and decide whether the game is worth playing for real money. Besides, a vendor may announce some never-before-seen features in its upcoming pokie and players would certainly want to try these new features for free once the novelty is released.
  3. Few experienced players bet the maximum in pokies, and neither do they put at stake the minimum acceptable amount. Some players want to strike the right balance between the wager and possible payouts and get more bang for the buck. For example, betting 20 cents on a 20-payline pokie (the minimum bet) means relatively small wins even on high-paying symbols. So users apply a trial-and-error approach in order to determine the optimal betting amount for that specific game. Sure, it is more reasonable to play for free at first.
  4. Many pokies are compatible with mobile devices but players often have no information if any given pokie runs well on the user’s device or not, especially when the user has an outdated mobile operating system installed or some rare portable device or screen resolution. In this case, a hesitant player would rather launch a needed pokie on his mobile device for free to make sure it runs smoothly and suffers no issues.

Free online pokies make it easier for many categories of players to get the feel of online pokies and thoroughly enjoy every minute of gameplay. The only apparent downside to free casino slots is that no real wins are paid out. However lucrative your award is, playing slots for fun results in no changes in your money balance in every sense of the word.

Types of free online slots

Online pokies that are offered for free have the same diversity, functionality and thematic intensity as regular, real-money pokies do. In terms of configuration, there are three-reel and five-reel free pokies. Classic pokies normally feature up to 5 paylines and are much easier to play than their five-reel cousins. As for 5-reelers, they have lots of money-boosting features such as wild symbols, multipliers and bonus rounds. NZ players are spoilt for choice when it comes to pokie themes because there are hundreds of subjects covered by pokies such as Ancient Egypt, celebs, movies, animals, sports, sci-fi and very much more.

Is registration mandatory to play free slots?

As a general matter, online casinos reviewed on this website require no signing up to play free pokies. You just need to pick the most suitable site from the toplist, find the games section in that casino and click or tap the pokies that you wish to play for free. However, some casinos do ask their visitors to register first to get access to free games. Some players are reluctant to sign up at a casino for many reasons but attractive welcome bonuses and other promotions can far outweigh the unwillingness to register.

Are players of New Zealand eligible for free gaming?

All the online casinos listed here are open to New Zealanders without any restrictions whatsoever and nearly all pokies are available both for real money and for fun. Some pokies may give a small amount of free credits which are not sufficient to test the game to its full extent but this is actually no problem – just reload the web page with the game when the fun credit balance drops to zero and get it replenished.

Is it a must to download a casino app to play free pokies?

Some online casinos offer a downloadable application as an option. Having a casino app installed may be useful in some situations, for example, when having poor connection speed or very low bandwidth. Every online casino reviewed here is playable on any supported web browser without the need to download some additional apps. Nearly all online casinos enable you to play instantly with no download and no registration required!