Best Neosurf Online Casinos in New Zealand

Last updated: 10.04.2022

There are very few ways to pay online and stay anonymous while doing so, and one of this options is Neosurf. You can use Neosurf prepaid vouchers to deposit NZ$ or other currency to hundreds of online casinos. A typical Neosurf card distributed at land-based stores takes the form of a piece of paper with a 10-digit code printed on it. It needs to be entered into a designated field when you are making a deposit to a gambling site.

Buying a Neosurf card

There are two ways of purchasing a Neosurf card: at a land-based facility or online. To buy a card with cash, head over to and click the Buy Voucher button. On a new page, click Find Sales Outlets and use a map to search for the nearest point of sale. The Google map will pinpoint the locations in your area where you can get a Neosurf voucher from NZ$10. All you have to do is visit one or another reseller, get a pin code and then deposit to your online casino. There are nowadays several card values starting at NZ$10 and going to NZ$250.

Alternatively, you can acquire a pin code on the Neosurf website (see above) or other online shop. This is a more flexible option of getting your hands on a voucher as it can have any value when you buy it online (NZ$5, NZ$12, etc.), not the fixed denominations when you buy a printed ticket with a secure pin code. 

myNeosurf account: easy way to manage your money

If you are going to use Neosurf quite regularly, it is advisable that you should create an account on their website to be able to deposit or withdraw funds quickly, merge pin codes or check you voucher credit. After creating a myNeosurf account, you will get a unique personal pin code that you can top up instantly by credit card, cryptocurrency or bank transfer.

You can see your recent activity (date, transaction, amount) and also try to increase your limits by upgrading from Basic to Premium. Besides, you are allowed to transfer funds from the myNeosurf account to your bank account once every ten days. Before doing so, you need to add your valid bank account on the Neosurf website.

Neosurf limits

The lower and upper limits when depositing to an online casino are tied to existing card denominations (NZ$10–NZ$250). So if more funds need to be sent to an online casino, you will have to merge pin codes in your myNeosurf account or send money in a few installments. Besides, there are also a few system-imposed limits showing the maximum allowed amount for loading a myNeosurf account:

  • NZ$500: via a credit card
  • NZ$1500: via bank transfer
  • NZ$800: via a Neosurf card

Pros and cons to using Neosurf with online casinos

If you have made up your mind to replenish your online casino account with a Neosurf card, you should know the benefits and pitfalls pertinent to this popular banking option. The pros are:

  • A very popular payment method in NZ-faced casinos without access to a credit card
  • Safe and secure. You are not giving out your banking credentials to third-parties when performing a transaction, so you pay privately
  • Easy to get online or at a local shop (drugstore, gas station, other retailers)
  • Full control over your gambling spendings as you will never go into the red with a prepaid card
  • Deposits to online casinos come without any charges
  • Funds appear on the casino account instantly

Mind these cons when dealing with Neosurf cards:

  • Inconvenient for large deposits
  • Neosurf is a one-way option; you are allowed only to pay with your pin code. To receive funds from online casinos, you will have to pick another payment tool (credit card, bank transfer, etc.)

Conclusion to Neosurf

If you are still in doubt whether to use Neosurf for your everyday online casino activity, you should consider a few things: if you usually deposit low amounts, Neosurf is great for this. If you want to restrict your gambling-related expenses, prepaid vouchers are also a perfect way to do so. The only thing you should take care of is to find an alternative withdrawal method. 

Reviewed by Monty Matthews Monty Matthews