Best Visa Cards Online Casinos in New Zealand

Last updated: 10.04.2022

Players who conduct payments with their Visa credit card at shops or online will be glad to know they are going to experience the same comfort and safety when transferring money from a Visa card to gambling sites. Today, this banking option is the primary choice for most players in New Zealand as it has too many strong points to ignore, from speed of transactions to overall reliability and stability of the entire payment network. Since Visa does not issue cards itself, the issuing financial institution may apply limitations of any sort that you need to be aware of before making a transaction. 

Pros and cons to using Visa

As Visa leverages a global network connecting billions of people, it offers numerous advantages that online casino players can make the most of:

  • Universal acceptance at almost every gambling spot in New Zealand
  • Great for deposit and withdrawal
  • Unhindered access to global customer support if any issues arise
  • Acting basically as a middleman between your bank account and online casino, Visa provides an extra layer of security, using hi-tech features: two-step authentication, security password, etc.
  • Virtually no transaction or spending limits. If there are any, you can connect with your bank and ask for the limits to be increased or cancelled

The drawbacks exhibited below are mainly associated with the nature of credit cards. There are only minor flaws, which do not actually affect the online casino experience and can be disregarded to a large extent:

  • Some issuing banks could block gambling transactions. So before dealing with a Visa card for casino-linked payments, make sure a transaction will go through smoothly
  • Withdrawal from online casinos may take from a few hours to days

Visa payments with online casinos

You should head over to the cashier in the online casino you have registered at, find a Deposit tab or link and choose a credit card payment option. You are then asked to fill in the empty fields, specifying your name, credit card number and other relevant details needed for a successful transaction. When entering the needed deposit amount, mind the limits existing in that online casino. Normally, the min deposit is NZ$10 to NZ$20, and the upper limit also varies.

Withdrawal from online casinos are simple and intuitive, following the same procedures as above. You just need to be sure you have submitted the IDs that online casinos always require before the first withdrawal can be approved and confirmed successfully. Many casinos demand that credit card holders should fill out a credit card authorization agreement, a copy of which must be properly signed and dated.

Visa fees for online casino players

If you send or receive money using the Visa network, all transactions are free of charge. So whenever you are going to deposit funds from your bank account or withdraw it, you will actually pay no transaction fees. However, most online casinos apply processing fees to Visa cards when you ask for withdrawal, in which case about 1% to 3% will be deducted from your casino balance.

Visa transaction speed

All money transfers involving a Visa debit or credit cards are almost instant, with the exception that cashing out your winnings from an online casino may take some time, from a few hours to days. Besides, you need to make allowance for the obligatory approval of every transaction that all online casinos must carry out, which may take a few days.

The best Visa online casinos

Due to being a globally spread payment option, Visa payments are available in almost every secure and reliable online casino. The best, high-ranked and certified venues guarantee flawless safety and security of every transaction.

In most situations, online casinos holding an operating license demand that their customers provide a set of personal documents to ensure they are true holders of the credit card they are going to use. Full procedures for this are always described in detail in the terms and conditions of that online casino.

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